MTH stands for "Multi-Talented Homeboy". It is used to describe a cool, funny, and talented person. He has a great taste in music, has a bunch of friends, and has great hair. The girls love him.
"Dude, do you see that guy playing guitar and singing for those girls over there?"

"Yeah, dude's a total MTH"
by simba36 December 10, 2009
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My Tits Hurt.

This word is to be used after working out or performing any activitiy that can make the pectoral muscles burn excessively.
DB#1: Bro, I just put up 500 lbs 6 million times, MTH.
DB#2: What is MTH?
DB#1: It means my tits hurt
DB#2: You're a douche
by bikmike October 01, 2009
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More than husband, whoever is more than a husband to you a husband can’t explain them also means y’all might be mtm
Jenni you know Leroy is my mth
by Lilherbo October 07, 2017
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More than husband, yalls relationship is explained as a mtm
“ Yeah Jenni , Lyri is my mth
by Lilherbo October 07, 2017
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Stands for Mastubating To Hentai. Ususally a weeb will do this. Or a lolicon
Yesterday I saw weebs MTH on the streets at around 3 in the morning. Fuck man, they kept moaning so hard it woke me up
by Succ69 December 07, 2018
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Mother Teresa high school oh ma god the most shittest school in the whole world ppl there are trash bro u cant even handle them the teachers too omg they are all trash there is bunch gay ass niggas and ppl who are flexing with a fake Gucci belt such as OMRAN yea also this guy is gay and he Is arab imagine a gay white and arab too aha. So DONT COME TO THIS SCHOOL

At MTHS Omran is gay
by A guy goes to mths September 26, 2019
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