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The coolest skool on BRKLN
has awesome teenagers.
A MS51 person/teenager would be describe as awesome, smart, and cool.
A person whos hangs out with the cool
Girl :He is soo cool
othe girl; No shizz, he's from MS51, duh
by the51girl7 July 11, 2010
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A middle school in Brooklyn, NY, that’s full of white people. Like, 1100 shades of white. Everyone’s ego is inflated and most of the teachers are pretty meh, yet somehow it’s praised as being one of the best middle schools in Brooklyn.

They also have an anti-bullying campaign and constantly try to get everyone to like each other; too bad that the school is made up of a bunch of cliques.
“Oooh, you went to MS51... you must be so smart! I wish I went there!”

“That’s right. I’m the most intelligent person ever. I got into my number one picks for high schools, and always get good grades. Everyone loves me, even though it’s a well known fact that I hang out with all of the popular dickwads and smoke pot after school everyday, and even got a handjob from my classmate at this party once.”


“Excuse me, I’ve gotta go. I’m burning up out here.”
by MasterAssblastMcGee October 15, 2017
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A middel school located in center park slope brooklyn ny.Filled with uperclass yuppies and spoiled rotton teenager that think the are better than everybody else. For some obscure reason the school has a great repution but is filled with phonie teachers and teens
Girl walks up to best friend in ms51 lunchroom

"happy birthday what'd you get"

"um... cloths from all my trendy stores that i think are completly orginal but infact everyone shops there a new macbook a camera and an american express giftcard"

"for how much"


"wow you parents aren't suffering at all from the repression"

"the what?''
by james d hoffman August 02, 2009
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MS51 is full of awesome students. They geniuenly care what is happening in school and are always #1. They have a great reputation, and for a reason. They go out for lunch (one of the only schools in bklyn that does that) and buy the best food around.
A- "oh what school do you go to?"
B- "MS51 of course!"
A- "cool!"
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by Sksmnedvdjwkasnbs October 28, 2017
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