noun: pejorative
1. A marriage as a result of attending a 4-year university with the soul purpose of getting married and consequently not completing college.
2. The attending of college, usually a 4-year university of moderate to high prestige, to get married to avoid independence or responsibility.
3. To go from one's parent's home to the home of a spouse with out ever achieving emotional or financial independence, or academic success.
Betsy got her MRS degree from State. "I am majoring in my MRS Degree." Suzie's MRS Degree ended in divorce.
by sunmaidliz April 7, 2007
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MR: Married Right
A degree awarded to a man who marries a woman who went to college for and education, and not an MRS degree.
Some lucky fella's gonna get an MR degree.
And he'll like it...
by duckychee February 3, 2006
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Often times an MRS (em-ar-es) degree refers to a woman who attends college in order to find a well educated husband with a good future ahead of him.

It could also define a woman who strives to be a housewife and homemaker and spends time learning how to take care of a home and husband. She is self taught but wishes there was a degree program for her.
Sally: I wish there was a school I could get my MRS degree from.
Olivia: Go to
by msmichelle September 18, 2014
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Marry Rich Degree. When a person gets a rich or potentially rich spouse by marrying someone in a major with high earning potential or someone who is rich. It also refers to people in low income potential majors that must marry high income potential majors to pay off student loans or live luxury lifestyles. The potential spousal options are majoring in something that will make them wealthy or are already wealthy.
I need an MR degree to pay off my student loans. She parties a lot in college because she’s only here for a MR degree. His Daddy’s money is running out so he needs an MR degree.
by Anne332 August 5, 2020
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