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Hammond, Indiana George Rogers Clark High / Middle school, 1533 Davis Ave. (Whiting, Indiana) Mascot is a Pioneer.
George Rogers Clark High School, 3 story building. Located on the corner of Davis ave and 119th street.
by MsMichelle February 02, 2010

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Often times an MRS (em-ar-es) degree refers to a woman who attends college in order to find a well educated husband with a good future ahead of him.

It could also define a woman who strives to be a housewife and homemaker and spends time learning how to take care of a home and husband. She is self taught but wishes there was a degree program for her. mrsdegree.org
Sally: I wish there was a school I could get my MRS degree from.
Olivia: Go to mrsdegree.org
by msmichelle September 18, 2014

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