The Mario Party Assistance Agency (MPAA) Is a program that allows you to claim bodies to play Mario Party with.
"Or, I did find this flyer for the Mario Party Assistance Agency, the MPAA. You can call them pay a small fee and have bodies show up to play Mario Party with!"
by Avery Slice February 09, 2021
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Mommies, Punks, & Arrogant Assholes
This movie is rated R by the Mommies, Punks, & Arrogant Assholes (MPAA) because the preview you are about to see contains smoking, Jesus and the Ice Capades.
by Kemo May 13, 2007
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Losers that decide to stop P2P sharing because they want to keep their monopoly in the world.
by psyphen February 21, 2005
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This is a condition named after the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) which causes people to veiw sex-related things as inappropriate, yet be perfectly fine with violence. Sufferers also find homosexualaly much worse than being straight.

When asked to explain why somthing is inappropriate, the will often say "those ideas do not need to be put into children's heads" but will not actually beable to explain why somthing is bad.
Kid: "Can I see this movie?"
Parent: "No, it's rated R"
Kid: "So?"
Parent: "It could have sexual content in it."
Kid: "You have MPAA Syndrome!"
by Dr. Meh March 31, 2011
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Something stupid, we don’t care about these we play whatever we want fuck those. We play M & 18. We watch R rated movies. Plus their worse than 2010s kids & Gen Z combined.
ESRB, PEGI & MPAA damn you to hell.
by 2006here September 27, 2020
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A film rating system I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT! A super lame excuse for parents (especially the uptight or ignorant ones) to avoid making efforts to know their children better, because "MPAA knows best what is appropriate for kids to watch and what isn't". Instead of relying on mpaa ratings, parents should take into consideration how intelligent their kids are. An intelligent child will almost certainly be able to handle mature themes long before legally becoming an adult. Does mpaa believe the IQ of every American citizen is 100 and all children grow up at the exact same pace?
In my opinion, movie theaters should no longer limit the audience according to mpaa ratings. Instead, they could ask the potential audiences, before buying tickets, to undergo a common sense test, in order to determine whether they're able to handle the respective movie or not. If they pass that test, they should be admitted to the theatre, regardless of their age. Unless it's a porno, because the 18+ ratings are legally enforced for such films.
by youtube sucks June 19, 2021
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