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(n) An abbreviation for Making of the Modern World. A General Education Class at ERC at UCSD. Also known as Makes Me Wanna die and Making Me Write. Generally screws students in the ass with midterms, finals and specifically evil papers with photocopying, highlighting, and "annotated bibliographies"
I fucking hate MMW!
MMW can kiss my ass!
Fuck the MMW Writing program!
by MMW student May 04, 2003
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MMW is the Acronym for Medeski Martin and Wood, A fantastic Experimental Jazz-Funk Fusion trio from the heart of Brooklyn, circa 1991.
Yo, are you down to catch MMW live?
by Randazzo March 11, 2006
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Make(s) Me Wanna
-Something that gives you the desire to do something (not always by choice)
-The want to do something after seeing or doing something
Alex MMW sleep when I talk to him.

You MMW go crazy!

Erica is so hot it MMW take these pants off!

Henry is so out it MMW grab an ice pack.

You two are so cute it MMW set you two up!
by Just Joshin' December 04, 2010
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MMW - Mid Morning Wank
A wank in the time between morning and noon generally around 10am to 11am
Patrick : I can't meet you until after 12 I need to have my MMW
Me : Ah shit man that means you'll miss the cinema
by Cpennil69 November 15, 2019
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