A fourway sex group involving three guys and a girl or three males and a female.
Bysexual man: Dude she's not that hot but her two friends are, I wouldn't tap that but i'd MMMF them for sure.
see also. MMF
by DefinionofMMMF May 20, 2010
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friend asks: "dude, how can you afford that lambo?"

you respond: "MMMF baby!"

friend: "what's that?"

you: "mo money mo freedom!!"
by smootru November 8, 2018
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Memento Mori Motherf**cker(s). Used as a hashtag on posts that remind people, in no uncertain terms, of their ultimate fate, i.e. death.
Headline: Couple fall to their deaths taking selfie at cliffs edge. #MMMF
by Prion9 September 23, 2020
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"Merrit Mountain Music Festival" regretibly plays country music during the entire show, but still has a great turn out of sexy women and there hats. Rated 3rd place to get laid in Playboy magasine. Full of nude women, sorta like girls gone wild but your actually there:)
i went to the MMMF and watched the wet t-shirt contest then had sex with two hot womem
by for you to decide June 24, 2003
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