Stupid comment used ad nauseam as an argument by trolls on social media to express contempt about animal welfare issues or veganism
Comments under the photo of a piglet with the caption "I am not food"

- Yes you are!
- Yummy
- mmm bacon
by fragaria June 06, 2015
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the phenomenon that occurs when engaged in an unwanted, boring, tedious conversation where your mind naturally drifts away and all you can think of is the deliciousness of Bacon and the wonderful joy it brings. usually followed by heavy drooling
(in head) man, I hate when she vents about her day when i'm trying to watch the game. I wish she'd shut the fuck up, give me a blowjob and later make me a BLT sammy. damn you know what, that does sound good right about now. mmm bacon. crispy, salty ... bacon... oh yeah baby (drools)
by Pimp in the Box February 05, 2009
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