A way of referring to other people as being close friends or family. A shorter defination is FAM.
'whats going on famalam?'
'were famalam's u geemee?'
by Hannah-Jane Taylor January 16, 2008
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Word used by members of gangs or roadmen who think they are hard. Word means family, or brother, fam.
"Yes Famalam what you sayin'."
by Harrydahamster April 7, 2019
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Well down street bump into your friend & say yes famalam as in hello familiar friend or even blood relatives also
by Gavin jasper sv June 6, 2016
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A baghead, or stoner, who is also a pussy, and is not able to fight without crying. It can also be used as a derogatory term towards people when they act hard.
You're a pussy, and a baghead. You famalam.
by DarrylIsAPussyFam September 7, 2012
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This is used as a way of saying he is anothers mate or best friend

originated from london, spreading all over england
"Yo, Whats good famalam!?"
"not alot man, you kl"
"yeah im kl famalam"
by JCM BRUV November 12, 2009
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Adjective - Describes a comforting family scene, loving and heart warming.
"That picture of you you with your little sister is like, so famalamic"
by CanonUnknown September 8, 2017
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I walked up to my friend and he said "wagwan famalam" and I said "not much Bro"
by AnonymousAnal September 18, 2017
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