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Da' Midget Mafia resydes rite outa' da P-Town PRojeCtS nukkaa.. deez gangstas down ta cap any o' ya'll who ova 5'7"(betta recanizeee) --they r known ta be da baddest most dangerous mafia known to mankind
tha midget mafia once wiped out an entire population of people over 5'7" in Lehighton, Pennsylvania
by V4L October 22, 2006
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to be on the midget mofia u have to be the biggest "littlest" fages in p-town....every1 in the mafia is 5'0 130 pounds or less..the members gang names r v4l, stanimal, n last but not least pretty boy..
the midget mafia wanted to fight me so i tied my arms behind my back so it would be n even fight..
the midget mafia tried to take my milk money cuz there bottles ran out..
by crizzzakie November 05, 2006
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