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A person or thing willing to do anything to get their way, as it is its belief that they deserve it. Often comes with a sense of entitlement and subject to crying and accusations of cheating in the event of failure.
The MICDS youngster, on the verge of tears, threw down his tennis racket and accused the little girl of cheating.

The team of MICDSs frequently indulged in prins.
by Brian Shrew April 09, 2008
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To be under the influence of alcohol, weed, and nicotine simultaneously. The word is derived from the initials of the Latin words "mens" and "corpus," which respectively mean mind and body. This is because of the combination's potent, debilitating effects, encompassing every conscious part of both the mind and body. In laymen's terms, it'll get you fucked up.
Bro I'm so crossed right now, give me a cigarette so I can get micd.
by Harav Chaim Darwin ZR'L June 02, 2019
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