(Monkey fucking a coconut) Other wise known as Ceropithecoidea coitus cocos nucifera. This is new progressive creationist theory in which the creation of the universe was due to the explosion of a coconut that the monkey was fucking, together with the genetic material and coconut fragments whole solar systems were created. With this new perspective all questions are answered. Why we are here, who created us and so forth. This religion condones sex, alcohol, and drugs. The day of worship is friday night in which you and your religious sect will meet at a local bar and drink until you can no longer stand. The only time one is expected to pay reverence is when the song Bad Touch is played on the radio, at which point it is expected that all do the monkey humping dance.
OMFG did you see that guy, he joined the MFC religion and has been getting laided ever since!

DUDE drink the coconut milk, that guy did and look at home much fun he is having NOTE: if you are against doing drugs like LSD DO NOT drink the coconut milk.
by Lola Sexogatito May 09, 2008
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Mastrubation Finger Club. What happens when women have one broken nail and the others are still ok.
She's in the MFC.
by Dan October 03, 2003
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Misfits Fiend Club - The Misfits are a legendary horror-punk band from the 70's. "The Misfits Fiend Club" is what their fans are called.
If you like the Misfits, you're in the MFC.
by HoriaD June 09, 2007
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Mutha Fuckin' Chessin - Saying that something is crunk
That ride with the 23s is MFC.
by Nate Dogg January 25, 2004
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