She’s the epitome of the perfect girl. She’s not only beautiful, but she’s the kind of beautiful that will keep you in awe. Everyday, you’ll find another aspect of her beauty that will knock you on your ass. She’s incredibly intelligent, sometimes too intelligent. She’s the most loyal person you’ll ever come across. And as for sexuality, well let’s just say, you’ll constantly catch yourself craving her touch. Wife this girl up. The lows might be hard to handle, but you’ll never find another that will live up to the highs you’ll experience when with her. Not every man can handle her, but the ones that are smart enough to see her true self, will have a life of excitement and passion.
Damn! That Melia is a keeper!
by LovvverGirrrl November 14, 2018
Melia, a very funny person who is sensitive sometimes. But is extremely hot, all the boys want her but she doesn't know. not a morning person, very determined to do anything, helping others with emotions
WOW Melia is HOT do you think she will notice me
by JJ_monster November 11, 2018
Melia is a Milf
Melia is hot. She's a milf for sure
by emi2510 July 4, 2011
Melia is a beautiful girl She loves to read and she is very smart She is not a morning person All the boys like her She is hot Melia is very determined young lady
Melia the smartest most prettiest person you will ever meet
by Mishel Hart February 10, 2018
Melia is a strong , smart , and loving girl. She is most Likely small but mighty. She loves music and swimming. Usually she is on a swim team. Melia usually has sisters but no brothers. She is so beautiful that you can’t resist your eyes! She is caring and smart , but sometimes fights for what she wants. Melia will not let you mess with her friends or family. She is an amazing friend and sister. You should be blessed if you have a Melia!
Girl 1. WOW is that Melia!

Girl2. Yea she’s amazing
by Tessly July 17, 2018
A feminine beauty, attractive in every sense and swoons all who cross her path with her gorgeous good looks.
Wow that Melia is hot... wish she would notice me...
by Well endowed February 3, 2010
Person 1: Aww, she's so adorable!

Person 2: Yeah, but she's kinda nerdy. She's a real Melia.
by callingallthetitans May 4, 2015