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MDK, a term commonly used in the RAF to shorten 'Murder Death Kill'. Used in a jokingly way to describe a gorey end.
1. Whoa, he flew straight into a wall. Much MDK!
2. Zoom swish boom <MDK!!!>
by Dan0kun August 09, 2005
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When you're extremely frustrated with something or someone and you need to express the frustration calmly without arousing suspicion. MDK! Murder, Death, Kill
"Oh my word, i just got an error after waiting an hour for my video to upload! - MDK!!!"
by angel pie May 30, 2015
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Abriviation for Morgan David King.

A video-game/dubstep musician who is slightly more popular than Teminite, but not as popular as Knife Party. MDK's most notable works include "Press Start" for being the intro song of YouTube gamer DanTDM, and "Fingerbang" for being the music played through level 21 of the game "Geometry Dash" by Robert Topella.
Person 1: "Holy shit, that new 'Geometry Dash' level is so fucking hard! The song is pretty sweet though. What's it called again?"

Person 2: "I think it's called 'Fingerbang' by MDK or some shit."
by 3lectronicFan May 27, 2017
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Million dollar kid. A kid who has a lot of potential.
Ryan: Daphnie got another A on the science test.
Max: She's a mdk.
by Urbandic18 May 30, 2018
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An abbreviation, it means mom doesn't know
Bff 1:are you sure we can get away with this ?

Bff 2: yeah, mdk much.
by woopwoop234 December 20, 2014
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