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Mind Blowing Blow Jobs created by excess build up time, peaking/withdrawal, and sensory deprivation.

Try MBBJ is want to try being Dom but nervous, have several hours to spare. Sub is restrained, blindfolded, and earbudded (i.e. they listen to music)
Dom then spends a minimum of three hours teasing the sub solely in the penile region. Suggested objects - ice, shaving cream, menthol, mint leaves, wine or other alcohol, gummy worms (strange yet effective), and more.

The Dom's goal is to bring the sub almost to completion several times, then back away. During the back-away period, the Dom may chose to sit next to the sub and enjoy their frustration and desire or may chose to leave and do something else entirely as they see fit. This is entirely up to the Dom. You could go play a game on your phone for all the choice the sub gets.

This pattern continues until the sub cums harder than ever before.
The sub is untied and both parties relish in the amazing moment.

Note - While this can be altered to include an element of pain, the initial design of the MBBJ does not include any pain as this is a technique for beginners interested in exploring their Dominant side without feeling the need to inflict pain on their partner.
Note - The sub can be gagged for more advanced players.
Person A: I think I want to try something new and fun.
Person B: Okay. What do you want to try?
Person A: Well, I want to try being a Dom but I don't know how to do it.
Person B: We can make that happen. Would you like to try a MBBJ? It's a beginner Dom technique that isn't too hard for you and I would definitely have fun with it even though it's torture.
Person A: I don't want to hurt you.
Person B: Don't worry, there's no pain involved, just a power play. You get to be totally in control.
Person A: That sounds like a lot of fun! Let's do it !
Person B: Oh boy, what have I just signed up for...
by Jazzyfizzle September 21, 2016
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