Middle aged men in Lycra a term coined by leading market research firm Mintel.

Michael Oliver, who wrote the report, said: "Thirty or 40 years ago, people would ride a bike for economic reasons, but our research suggests that nowadays a bicycle is more a lifestyle addition, a way of demonstrating how affluent you are."

The research shows that growth in bike sales is being propelled by 35- to 45-year-old men with families, who instead of going off and buying a sports car as they approach middle age now go for high-end bike instead.
Spring will usually bring Mamils out of hibernation in search of fresh Lycra and carbon fiber - their staple diet.
Lycra is like Spandex in USA
by CoolJules October 4, 2010
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Acronym for Middle Aged Man (or Men) In Lycra.
Those cyclists (typically roadies or XC guys) with middle age spread and squeezed into VERY unflattering lycra that you see at coffee shops or breakfast spots after their morning ride . The attire is often worn with utter disregard for other people's breakfasts that are regurgitated as they move past.
Fuck, don't look! Here comes another MAMIL!
by A.C. Kermann March 3, 2021
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stands for, Middle Aged Man In Lycra. Refers too middle-aged cyclists, usually travel in packs.
"omg, look at that pack of mamils."
by sjnv February 15, 2013
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Middle Aged Man In Lycra. Basically describes mid aged men who go around in lycra. noice.
'ma dad has seriously dodge cycle gear'
mr p: 'is he a MAMIL?'
by aebc October 5, 2010
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A Mamil Toe occurs when a mamil (middle aged man in Lycra, i.e. cyclist) is wearing pants so tight that his genitalia are practically exposed.
I was getting a lot of smiles at the bike shop, then I realized it was because I was sporting a mean mamil toe.
by Southoc November 1, 2013
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The outline of a male cyclist’s (Mamil - Middle Aged Man In Lycra) genitalia accentuated by his Lycra cycling shorts or pants.
This Texas humidity really accentuates my MAMIL toe...
by John boy Walton December 31, 2020
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Derived from the Spanish term "no mames" translated to mean "don't suck"; "don't be a retard".

A term used to describe a clueless male; a big baby huey; person who is fond of cheeseball things; male who thinks exploitation of women is cute and is compelled to call out every hot chick in sight (example: "Dude, look at that chick over there, she's the bizness!"); Mamill dudes are usually found trying to get into trendiest spot of the moment or at the gym! Doy.
"Check out that Mamill that just walked in with all the tattoos and the incredibly tight t-shirt, he keeps looking at himself in the mirror."
by Cottage Cheese March 28, 2006
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