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Acronym for Middle Aged Man (or Men) In Lycra.
Those cyclists (typically roadies or XC guys) with middle age spread and squeezed into VERY unflattering lycra that you see at coffee shops or breakfast spots after their morning ride . The attire is often worn with utter disregard for other people's breakfasts that are regurgitated as they move past.
Fuck, don't look! Here comes another MAMIL!
by A.C. Kermann March 3, 2021
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Meaning belly hanging out from under a shirt.
Often seen on African and American men and, in even more upsetting cases, women. Think people of Wal-Mart.
The origin of "boep" (pronounced like "boop" but with a short "oo" as in "look") is from Afrikaans, a language related to Dutch, spoken in Southern Africa; meaning belly, like in beer belly. In South Africa, Afrikaans has been influenced by the multicultural population and thus this collision of languages provided an opportunity for a neologism, albeit under unfortunate circumstances.
Underboep is thus related to underboob, but not nearly as appealing.
See also underbelly, def.2
Check that fat fuck's underboep! Eeeeuuuwww!!
by A.C. Kermann May 31, 2018
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