4 definitions by John boy Walton

The outline of a male cyclist’s (Mamil - Middle Aged Man In Lycra) genitalia accentuated by his Lycra cycling shorts or pants.
This Texas humidity really accentuates my MAMIL toe...
by John boy Walton December 31, 2020
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Contrary to the number one definition, the muff is the culmination of the pussy and surrounding hair do... the muff can be characterized by its hair style, skin color, and smell.
by John boy Walton February 3, 2020
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a person who doesn't like to get involved, tends to be lazy, but when the time calls for it the person usually rises to the occasion by doing great things.
shikamaru is such an infinity x, last week we were on this mission and all of us were in the enemy's prison and he came and freed us all from the prison and beat down the bad guys.
by John boy Walton May 13, 2009
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A booger that is sticky and attached to the side wall of a person’s nostril and unable to be blown or picked from the nose.
Jimmy picked and blew his nose repeatedly and could not get the wall walker to come loose.
by John boy Walton December 31, 2020
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