"On January 6, a group of MAGATs invaded the U.S. capitol in an attempt to subvert the American democratic process."

"Only a MAGAT would ever be dumb enough to try and steal an election due to a baseless belief that the election was being stolen..."
by Chroooth January 7, 2021
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1) Make America Great Again Twat: a soft-bodied shameless individual who exhibits unconditional love and unreserved attachment for donald trump;

2) a whimsical fancy.
1) "Once Donald Trump was expunged from office, MAGATs began their search for a new host"
2) "The MAGATs attacked the roots of democracy"
by benkyo January 8, 2021
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An acronym the radical far left uses for proud patriots
Can you believe Jerry stood for the pledge?

What a MAGAT.
by bgnig August 9, 2022
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(1) to become mentally deranged from the effects of attendance at Trump rallies; the cause is suspected to be multiple "brain slam" traumas (these shocking conflicts-of-logic-and-truth are similar in mechanism to the repetitive concusions that cause TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury); (2) synonyms: hannitized, lobotomized
OMG! Within the first few minutes of exposure to the deleterious effects at a Trump rally, my pervy uncle was thoroughly magatized.
by Eppypotamus June 21, 2019
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A bunch of losers who support Trump and act like little kids because they can’t accept reality.
Look at those MAGAts rioting the capital because TRUMP2020 was not a thing
by nbaerick January 9, 2021
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MAGAt--a mindless devotee of a Donald J Trump
Trump's legal team has provided no evidence of voter fraud, but those MAGAts still think he really won the election!
by Ann Tetum December 3, 2020
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Trump supporters who blindly regurgitate the simple minded rhetoric of their beloved cult leader. They typically drive vehicles with large Trump 2020 or MAGA stickers or flags attached to them and gather in large groups. They refuse to wear masks and unlike the larval stage of the diptera, they serve absolutely no purpose in either nature or society.
"Did you see the Trump Train on the highway earlier? What a bunch of MAGATS!"
by B3ard3dB4rd November 5, 2020
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