Very powerful .50cal rifle the rips limbs off and leaves large holes through bodies
Did you see the mans head explode from the guys M82 in the new rambo movie?
by Falkon32 February 23, 2008
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Describes a standard pro-rule for playing KZL online.

In a M82/Nades game, players are only allowed to play with the standard weapon M82-G and Grenades which implies that they must not use different weapons and/or remote mines.

US-Players created it to make online-gaming in KZL more balanced and fair.
Pro: "WTF, this game is labeled as M82/Nades, stupid n00b! Don't switch weapons!"
Noob: "..." (no reply, since noobs do not have mics usually)
by hendo-e May 02, 2008
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The m82 barret is a long-range anti-material rifle developed with the purpose of penetrating amour but is currently used against personnel resulting in the non-existence of upper torsos. it is chambered in .50 caliber rounds and is probably the most epic gun ever
you see a Taliban and line up the shot you fire and the shot hits him in the stomach but then his stomach disappears in less than a second the m82 barret has done its thing
by stalin grandson May 03, 2021
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Labels a weapon in KZL. It has become famous in the online scene for regular usage in pro-games, since it has been considered as best allround-weapon in KZL. It's also the one and only weapon that cannot be found in any supply depot on any map.
"Damn, I've accidently picked the shotgun, since there is nothing else left in the supply depot!" - "Well, what are you waiting for? kill yourself, NOW! It's M82-G only."
by hendo-e May 02, 2008
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Semi or bolt-action rifle usees the half inch (.50) caliber for use against enemy vehicles such as tanks or to shoot the engine block out of a car
The m82 barrett is scarcely used due to it's large round
by Mystrick August 06, 2003
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A precision, semi-automatic rifle chambered in .50 BMG. .50 BMG, being the same caliber used in Browning anti-armor and anti-aircraft machine guns since World War I.

Primarily used for anti-armor or "anti-matierial" operations. Capable of stopping many small armored vehicles, it serves its purpose well. Its effective range is over a mile. Although impractical, it can be used as an anti-personnel weapon. For sniping "soft" targets, a lighter weapon like a 7.62mm rifle would be preferrable.
There's an artillery emplacement on a ridge about a mile North of here. Someone get me an M82.
by Rob Feature November 13, 2004
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