A very hot and talented Italian band

If you listen to them you are probably a mentally ill bisexual
You: I'm bisexual

Fred: I know, you listen to måneskin
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an Italian band that won the Eurovision song Contest 2021. They are also the definition of bi panic.
Hey have you seen Måneskins performance at the ESC?
- Yeah, all of them were fucking hot
by #merzverhindern May 23, 2021
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An italian glam rock band that made Italy won Eurovision Song Contest 2021.
—"Yeah, for sure. I love Måneskin."
—"Oh, you must be gay. "
by ohmisslonely June 3, 2021
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Måneskin is a very hot italian Band.
They won Sanremo and ESC (very proud of them)
Damiano David-Victoria De Angelis-Ethan Torchio-Thomas Raggi
Person 1: Måneskin is so hot!
Me: I know right!
by måneskinsimp November 28, 2021
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Amazing and talented Italian band who started in 2016 as street performers in Rome, Italy.
Lead singer: Damiano David
Guitarist: Thomas Raggi

Bassist: Victoria De Angelis
Drummer: Ethan Torchio
Winners of Xfactor italy 2017, sanremo 2021, eurovision 2021, EMAS 2021 category best rock, wind music awards 2018 category album award and single award, SEAT music awards 2019 Album award, Live award and Single award.
Their most popular songs include: "Beggin" (cover made for xfactor), "Zitti e buoni" ("shut up and be quiet" who got them 1st place for eurovision and sanremo) and "I wanna be your slave"

They also sang the main theme "I wanna be your dog" for the Italian version of the movie "Cruella"(2021)

their name comes from the danish word "måneskin" which means "moonlight". They came up with this name when they wanted to sign up for Xfactor, but they didn't have a band name, so they asked the bassist, Victoria De Angelis, who is half danish, to say a random word in Danish, and when they heard måneskin they said that it sounds cool, and they'll change it later.
PS: they never did
"Oh my! Look- It's Måneskin!"
måneskin is my favorite band
by Saphire Luna November 25, 2021
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ICONIC Italian rock band that not only won EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2021,they also won millions of hears all around the Europe. They spread love, positivity and most important EQUALITY.
by Ih8peas July 14, 2021
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Sexiest Italian guy. Does his makeup to perfection *chef kiss*, has the sense of style. Angelic voice.
Friends : Why do you pack your things ?
Me : ‘Going to Italy, to find my own Måneskin Damiano
by Missa2005 May 29, 2021
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