millionaires and morons, a term for the Republican party, since the Republicans only care about the uberwealthly anybody who is not a millionaire would have to be a moron to vote Republican
I saw an old rusted out t-cow with a Bush-Cheney bumpersticker it must have been somebody from the moron faction of the M & M party.
by Michael_Hunt May 31, 2008
M&M Party refers to the Republican Party and the two groups that support it. Millionaires and Morons! The Republicans only care about the richest 10% of the population and act accordingly. If you are not super rich and vote Republican you are in the moron faction of the M & M Party!
The big corporate execs are Millionaires and vote for the M&M party for the tax benefits, while Joe the Plumber represents the moron faction of the M&M party!
by Charles_U_Farley August 4, 2009
To use M&M candy sexually ie. to put M&M's in a girl's pussy or anus and either eat the candy out while giving oral sex, or making the girl eat the candy. Can also be used in the male anus or coated with precum or cum.
My boyfriend wants to have an M&M Party tonight... in both holes.
by kinkychocolatier April 30, 2010