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n. a Lynze is the type of person who will make you smile when you didn't think it possible. If you are blessed enough to be her friend, you get to see her eyes light up every time she sees you, because she values you above so much else. If you are lucky enough to be loved by her, you never have to fear loneliness or sadness because she will always be there to comfort and carry you through everything. Her laughter brings the sunshine, and her tears bring the rain. She's a free spirit, honest, and happy. She pulls you up when you are down. Many crave her company, because they know of its healing powers.
"I could really use some Lynze right now."
by theonewhomissedit February 02, 2010
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the most beautiful, loving, sweet, and fun girl in the world.....everything good put into one person
cute lynze
by cooolllll February 04, 2010
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Another word for Slut.

SLUT is also a weird word!
Did you see that girl with her boobs out? She is such a Lynze
by Punny1.2 March 07, 2019
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