A cancer-like illness caused by a bacterial parasite invading the body and taking over the cells in its host. It is bloodborne, meaning it sexually transmitted, spreads through blood-sucking bugs, and is inherited from parent to child. It can only be successfully treated through intense antibiotic therapy. Chronic cases are due to the bacteria inserting itself into the human mitochondria, so that when the human cells reproduce, the bacteria is fused into those cells permanently. The only way to treat severe cases like this is with antibiotic chemotherapy, and even then the cells will keep making the disease.

In the US there are over 400k new diagnoses a year, and the awareness is almost nill. The CDC does not fund research for it, insurance companies rarely cover treatment costs, the number one disease related fatality is suicide due to doctors not believing patients and making them feel crazy, and nobody knows about it.
Have you heard? Blood banks check blood donations for HIV, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, and AIDS, but doesn't test for Lyme Disease, which is currently the most endemic disease in the US.
by MySavageCabbages August 6, 2016
Yet another horrible disease there is no cure for found a hundred+ years ago in Europe. The conspiracy theory of it's development has to do with Hitler, Plum Island, and biological warfare. It is spread by infected ticks of all varieties as well as mosquitoes-who have bitten infected vermin such as mice, rats, voles etc. It can also be passed gestationally-you have about a 55% chance of passing it along to your child.

It effects every cell in your body driving you quite literally insane given enough time.

Treatment for this initially should include NO LESS than 60 days of Doxycyline if you can stomach it, as well as comprehensive co-infeciton testing as ticks and mosquitoes no longer just carry only the Borrelia Burgdorferi. (The Lyme spirochete parasite.) The life-span of the spirochete is longer than the average 14-21 days of antibiotics they like to give you at the doctor so it is most often ineffective. Also antibiotics don't treat and eradicate the co-infections that now come along with it. You must self-advocate and self-educate.

It causes you to become angry or depressed at the drop of a hat with little or no reason. Often misdiagnosed as Bi-Polar Disorder.

It's a complete relationship-ruiner, not that you'll have the motivation for one anyways. And you can just forget about having a sex-drive. Get ready to burn some bridges and become a hermit!
Veronica is an angry nut-job and is the biggest Debbie Downer I've ever met!

Yeah, she has Lyme Disease.
by OhALovelyNut August 21, 2017
A condition that affects mostly young, college-aged people, but also people who have no taste in general.

Easily recognized by the need to consume large amounts of cheap, beer-like beverages (especially Corona) that require adding a lime or lemon to it in order to make the liquid barely drinkable.
Judging by all the bottles of Corona and Bud Light Lime, those Guidos have a bad case of lyme disease.
by MontyB February 11, 2010