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An evil spirit meant to torment the mother by existing. Mothers frequently fear to let Lydons go to school, because they will torment the students as well. Lydons frequently come in pairs. One of them is evil, the other doesn't suck as much. You will know them by their mating call, "JOSE, WE GOTTA GO!" On a related note, they frequently engage in incest. On another note, they both have tism about 110% of the time.
I was in my history class, when a Lydon walked in and yelled, "JOSE, WE GOTTA GO!"
by Okonkwo's Iye-Uwa February 15, 2018
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Lai-djunn n.

One who speaks in inverted commas or italics, i.e. to sound unintentionally sarcastic at all times irrespective of whatever degree of sincerity might might be intended.

(Named after John Lydon a.k.a. 'Johnny Rotten').
"My dear... I really 'enjoyed' that meal... I can honestly say that it was the 'finest meal' I have eaten for days."

"Sir - may I take it that you are a Lydon... for if so, I do not appreciate the jest!"

"Nay madam, I jest not... and your culinary skill is only surpassed by your unfading beauty."

"Ye git - now I know you're taking the piss!"

From "The Importance Of Being Sarcastic" By Oscar Wired.
by Neil Baxter October 12, 2005
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