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A girl that is crazy yet sane at the same time. She loves boys and may not care if they are married.
A good friend and eats apples.
Lyanna sure is crazy for eating all those apples.
by Steve Carry August 22, 2004
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Lyanna’s be on that crazy sexy shit, they’re sassy and don’t take no shit but can also be insanely hot while they’re telling you what to do. She also has a cute side and can at times be serious and strictly smart but don’t let that distract you from the fact that she secretly got a freaky side under all that sass and intelligence.
Have you met Lyanna yet?
Nah who’s she?
Damn, she’s this hot sassy chick who’s all smart and shit but everyone know she got a freaky side.
by lyanna rose November 09, 2018
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Lyanna is a hebrew name which means “God Answers.” Lyanna is a beautiful, intelligent, kind, loyal, caring, God fearing, and loving. She can be aggressive and bossy at times, but means well. She has beautiful eyes, she’s a lover and giver, but will not be taken advantage of... she’s too smart for that! She’s innovative and always working at perfecting her skills. She’s confident and knows her worth..she’s a woman of virtue and worth. She’s competitive but her biggest competitor is herself. She loves God and her family. She’s a great daughter to both her mother and father. She’s a success in every aspect of her Life. She’s blessed and highly favored for when she prays, God answers!
I just knew “Lyanna” was behind that idea, she comes up with the best concepts, she’s dynamic!
by Alwaysgiveyourbest March 18, 2019
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