2 definitions by mayaonefish

To be out of it due to lack of sleep or stress. The term is mostly used by college students or sleep-deprived working millenials.
"Bro, what's your favorite color? "
"Bro you're so lutang na, what the fuck."
by mayaonefish May 14, 2022
A portmanteau of the words "dude", "pare", and "tsong/chong." Mostly used to poke fun at the speaking patterns of kids from elite schools like DLSU and Ateneo. The Filipino equivalent of a SoCal valley girl accent.
"Dudeparechong can you make me sama sa Starbs saglit? I need to make pabarya my 500, eh."

"Dudeparechong, me too. I have 1,000 here eh, I tried to make pabarya sa jeep but the meaning driver kicked me out and sacked me in the nuts, pare."
by mayaonefish May 14, 2022