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Having sex fantasies with the person of your dreams or someone random.
Zac Efron: Dude....Im totally like lukeing your super M.I.L.F.
Robert Pattinson:Whut....?

Zac Efron: It's Sex for your mind. It's a fantasy. I like her butt.
by AnonymousPerson001 January 14, 2010
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To go into someones house and to eat ALL OF THEIR FOOD, in certain cases the "Luker" will use force to take over your house.
I went home yesterday and found my friend Luke Lukeing.
by Oles K January 15, 2008
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Faking that you are high; pretending you are high to make others think you are cool. (originated from my friend luke, who is well known for faking drunk when me and a friend gave him non-alcoholic soda, saying it was vodka and he started to say "i feel tipsy" or "im drunk as fuck".
"Is John high?"

"No, he's just luke-ing."
by laiflafd March 04, 2018
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