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To be Luked is to be severely hungover and have explosive Diarrhea due to poor quality 25 cent wings and $2.75 pints from a seedy hole-in-the-wall bar called Cool Hand Lukes. It is sometimes referred to as being cool handed
Ahh man I had so many cheap wings and beer last Night Im Luked as fuck today
by John Detlor May 07, 2007
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1.To get luked can mean several different degrating things. To get punked, slapped or punched in the face, or to get something stolen from your face like a punk.

2.To spend all of your money at the bar, or spend it all on drugs.
1.Damn dude he just luked you for your tips.

2.Damn yo last night i Luked my pay check at the bar.
by sdbigdog October 12, 2007
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to get continually interupted, usually by friends, when youre trying to tell some stupid story
joy: man u remember that time
others: rable rable rable
joy: sweet aberdeen, you guys totally just luked me
by sweet ed October 06, 2007
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Someone who’s had too much to drink. Usually people with a low tolerance to alcohol.
Oh he’s had a pint and he’s drunk? He’s pulled a luke!
Or ‘oh he’s had a pint? He’s luked!
by UrbanClann June 11, 2018
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The act of traveling from the middle of nowhere to a cool city and drinking to excess, spending a lot of money, eating 5lbs of Mexican food, passing out at your friends apartment, waking up the next day and dispensing digested Mexican food and stench through out your friends apartment.
' I am gonna get so Luked tonight! '
by Lukesbff May 16, 2009
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