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(Pronounced as:Loo-ross) One of the most rarest last names to come across. The family name Lueras is a name for a person who is considered holy or intelligent. It stems from an Old German word "Liutberht" meaning most brilliant and holy of the people. Lueras family name originates from the German state of Bavaria, which owes its name to the ancient tribe of the "Bajuvaren". They settled here after the Romans ceased their occupation in 500 A.D. The earliest recorded Coat of Arms for the name Lueras is composed of: A shield divided per fess red and silver. In chief, two gold mullets and a curved chevron. In base, a gold mullet on a red bar. In the center is a lion rampant divided per fess gold and red.
A rare group of people who are very kept to themselves. Only few (such as myself) know the real Lueras family history.
by AncestryHunter June 13, 2009
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