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Hot, smart, crazy, fun, sexy, awesome, friendly person that you can't resist getting drunk with, smoke pot or get laid.
That girl is so perfect, she's a ludovica!
I can't believe she said I'm not ludovica.
by xxPonyGirlyxx March 08, 2009
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The most beautiful girl in the world, the best thing ever seen in your life. You easily fall in love with her beacuse she's amazing. She's a good girl, she doesn't smoke, drink and get laid. a perfect girl. She has got beautiful T&A but she isn't a whore.
I love Ludovica beacuse she's perfect.

Wow, I want to look like Ludovica beacuse she's the better girl in world
by louvikh February 17, 2014
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Someone who is typically in love with a friend whilst being in a relationship with someone else, despite mock protestations to the contrary.
Gosh she’s definitely a Ludovica. He has no idea!
by GregorytheWise June 11, 2018
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