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To Love someone so much, you cant even say love anymore. You have to say Luch instead of love.
I luch Emma so much her turtle gets jealous
by KelliLovesEmma June 15, 2014
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Lauging Uncontrollably Loud. You use this term when ROFL, LOL, or LMAO doesn't fit how you feel about the term, subject, joke, etc.
Person 1: "My computer just spazzed, and I ended up sending my theology professor my folder of Pokemon pictures instead of my Buddhism essay."

Person 2:LUCH!!! I bet he'll be cool with it and say "You worship the Pokemon toooo??!???!!"
by CRBA1127 December 13, 2010
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Any part of speech. If you tell a bad story, instead of trying to make it better with "and then I found $20," you say it was "luch".
".... and then my grandma had a stroke." But it was luch.
by AE123 February 07, 2009
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The universal word. It means everything and nothing. Whenever you can't find the words to use, it's luch. Whenever you need to enhance a sentence or show stronger feeling...luch.
"So he called me and it was awkard... but funny.. it was, well....well...well it was luch!"
by CHLOWMO February 07, 2009
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This word was found on a fortune cookie...although this word seems like the common typo for the word luck, it is in fact the farthest thing from. It is the opposite of luck and if you ever encounter anything such, you should run very far away. Run fast. Don't look back...
:-)You will be showered with good luch:-)

(sentence appears in its original form as on fortune cookie)
by Kel and Rach January 19, 2005
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An embarrassment or disgrace of a hockey team, usually the player doesn't realize he is that bad. the term can be used for an entire team if the team is awful and constantly is getting blown out.
The goalie was a luch, he let in five goals in the first period and thought he shouldn't of been pulled.
by matpanthers February 01, 2010
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