To Love someone so much, you cant even say love anymore. You have to say Luch instead of love.
I luch Emma so much her turtle gets jealous
by KelliLovesEmma June 15, 2014
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The nigga that will eat your girls pussy and literally beat anyone in a fight also much better than miles
Luch is cool
by Luch2446 October 22, 2019
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Any part of speech. If you tell a bad story, instead of trying to make it better with "and then I found $20," you say it was "luch".
".... and then my grandma had a stroke." But it was luch.
by AE123 February 7, 2009
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Lauging Uncontrollably Loud. You use this term when ROFL, LOL, or LMAO doesn't fit how you feel about the term, subject, joke, etc.
Person 1: "My computer just spazzed, and I ended up sending my theology professor my folder of Pokemon pictures instead of my Buddhism essay."

Person 2:LUCH!!! I bet he'll be cool with it and say "You worship the Pokemon toooo??!???!!"
by CRBA1127 December 13, 2010
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The universal word. It means everything and nothing. Whenever you can't find the words to use, it's luch. Whenever you need to enhance a sentence or show stronger feeling...luch.
"So he called me and it was awkard... but funny.. it was, well....well...well it was luch!"
by CHLOWMO February 7, 2009
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v. - German for suck. Also Spanish for wrestle.
Luche my schwanz generally means "suck my dick" but can also mean "wrestle my dick". And who doesn't need a good dick wrestling?
by Mowatt boyyyyyyyyyy April 3, 2005
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