A combination of the words loving and rubbing. Means to rub someone with affection (love).
Boyfriend: I enjoyed lubbing u everytime!
Girlfriend: Give me more lubbings please?!

I like how my bf lubbingly spend time with me.

My gf says she wants some lubbing tonight.
by sessionmaker May 26, 2010
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A simple, cutsey and Flirty word Between Like, Luv and Love.

When speaking (especially online) to someone where 'Love' or 'Luv' is still too scary of a word and 'Like' just doesnt quite sum it up, Lub or Lubith is a great alternative.

See also lubith
" I lub you Mary!"

"I Lub the way your eyes look in the moonlight"

"We should go see that movie because I think you would lubith those types of comedies"
by Amanda B May 12, 2005
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The bit of spit that comes out of ones mouth when talking to another person.
When Ted was chatting to Kacper, a massive lub exited his mouth and entered Kacper's own mouth. He found this very arousing.
by vayra January 16, 2019
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Lub Lub - Noun - in The Casino Game Pai Gow - When the dealer cannot make a hand.

Very popular phrase among casino folks in Las Vegas and Atlantic City
The dealer flips his cards, and has nothing, thus losing to everyone at the table who has a hand. You could say "Lub Lub"
by Bubba Kong June 29, 2009
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a cute little word for "love" but much cooler.
girl: I lub you!
guy: awwww thats such a cute word! I lub you too!
girl: yay! lets make out
by theonlydani August 15, 2006
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When you are not 'in-love' so you say luv online. Only you want to tell them so badly and as quick as you can, you type 'lub' instead of 'luv'.
Conrad: "Lub u too"
by Ashkyyyk March 13, 2013
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When you really like someone and are falling for them but aren't quite to the love stage.
It only took a weekend to fall in lub, next is love.
by Natty4u December 20, 2010
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