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Urban slang term for Lorain OH. Mainly used by locals.

Lorain is an urban industrial city just west of Cleveland. Mostly known for being poor, ghetto, dangerous, and having a large Puerto Rican/Hispanic community.
Its crazy in Ltown, I saw 3 people get shot, 2 stabbed, and 5 robbed at gunpoint within 4 minutes.
by kingjjm October 02, 2009
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A slang term for Lorain, Ohio. A city on Lake Erie just west of Cleveland.

Lorain is an old, urban industrial city. The city reached its peak population in the 70s at roughly 90,000 and has been losing population ever since. It has the highest Hispanic percentage of any city in Ohio and is the largest Hispanic community in Ohio outside of Clevelands near Westside, South Lorain is majority Puerto Rican. Lorain is approaching 50% minority. The crime and murder rate in the city averages about 2-3 times higher than the US average. There's around 25 street gangs with an estimated 2,200 gang members citywide. Over 2/3 of the city is considered "tha hood", and around 1/4 of the population is in poverty. The only attraction to outsiders is Lakeview Park. Strangely people have pride for the city despite how crappy it is.
Welcome to L Town where people from here love to say how crappy the city is and how much they hate it, but if anyone from outside the city says 1 disrespectful word about Lorain they'll be found tied to cinder blocks at the bottom of the Black River.
by SSJackson88 September 09, 2009
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West side of Chicago; A part of the West side of Chicago where consecutive streets start with the letter "L"
"I ride from the K-town to the L-town to the M-town"

Crucial conflict
by 74-BOSS August 09, 2005
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Lorain, Ohio.

An industrial slum city on Lake Erie in NE Ohio in the Cleveland area. Known for its Steel Mills, very high crime and poverty rate, gangs, decay/abandonment, and largest Hispanic % in Ohio (mostly Puerto Rican/Boricua). Unlike most people on this site who say their city is ghetto (when its really safe and suburban) to sound cool, Lorain actually is a very gangsta/ghetto city.

Mostly used by Ohioans, or people who know about Lorain.
Clevelander: "Where you from?"
Lorainite: "L-Town"
Clevelander: "Ah Lorain, Im from C-Town"
Lorainite: "Ah Cleveland, wanna go rob and kill somebody?"
Clevelander: "Definitely"
(A ghetto friendship begins)
by MartinezLorain May 05, 2009
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Originating form the town of Liberty, MO. A suburb of KCMO. Was first used in the well know song by Gunsmoke "All my L-Town Niggas Get Wild" in 2001. Commonly and proudly used by the graduates of Liberty High School to let people from surrounding areas know where they are from.
"That's how we roll in L-Town."

"You know I'm L-Town representin!"

"Yeah I'm from L-Town, jealous?"
by APuett August 18, 2007
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also known as Lewistown, PA. known for the two hour special on MSNBC due to its mass quantity of all things heroin. Its a place where even the local amish have been arrested for selling and buying heroin.
Hey Steph, show me your tracks from your visits to L-town.
by hartleyschips4life January 08, 2006
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Used in music from The Multiracial Extravaganza such as "...this is how it goes in the L-town, if you see us bitch, you know it's going down." Also used in regular conversations such as "Where are you from?" "L-town!"
by A-Watt August 15, 2007
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