a car with hydraulic suspeneion
check out that low low sittin on da floor
by Billy \'Mac Dad\' D September 13, 2003
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keeping a matter on the down low (in other words the 'hush hush')..ya feel me?
person 1: man u gon tell me!?
person 2: nah homii dat shit stay on the low low
by lil luh October 10, 2006
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to keep something to your self that could potentially jepordize someone.
"Yo, Terry told his parents he went to Aspen this weekend to meet his girlfriend. He really went to Boulder to grab four elbows. Keep it on the lowlow."
by adam November 21, 2004
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Doing something that nobody should know or wants 2 know.
I go wit J on da low-low but dont tell NOBODY
by ariana February 05, 2004
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Can be used by Enlightenment and/or Freedom, relaxed/chill, when smoking hasj or the entering of your favourite festival. Having vacation or being somewhere you don't remember how you got there, but you like it and accept it. Then you are as we say, lowlow.

Being High, Being Low.
Better then low? lowlow!

Can be what you are, where you are in your mind.
How you think about something.
How are you? I'm.. lowlow :D
Where are you? I'm still lowlow.

What's your opinion? mine is lowlow.
by Daantje November 26, 2004
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I'm gonna quit my job tomorrow, but I don't want anyone to know yet so keep it on the low low.
by carlbear August 11, 2005
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