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Usually a girl with long and dark curly hair. Has a heart of gold and loves helping people. Very insecure about herself and have trust issues. Guys always fall in love with her personality. It is also the Tamil name for Lois which means pleasing.
Guy 1: Dude, I just met a Lovisa.

Guy 2: Who?

Guy 1: Lovisa.

Guy 2: Well, lucky you.
by lion_girl December 30, 2017
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The most amazing person in the entire universe.Typical Tomboy, spends most of her time with the boys. Loves playing sport, and running around trying new and dangerous things, a little shy a times, but a really good friend, people can trust her. She is courageous and bright kid, she isn't the most popular, but everyone likes her.
Yeah, Lovisa is ready to try the most fun, but dangerous things.
by dinosaurs4life May 04, 2018
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An emotionally disabled female. Usually plays a major part in the herd. She is the alpha female in the herd and she often has father issues and trust issues that goes back to her childhood. She tells everyone that they are too cool to do certaint activities available in the human society, such as dance or to participate in illeagal actions. She makes sure everyone feels bad about them selves and she condones smoking, if there is a fire in the house when she leaves, she knows it is going to be a good day. She wants to watch the world burn, and her house, is just the beginning.
Lovisa just bullied a three year old into smoking.

Lovisa said that I am "too cool" to dance, it made feel bad.

Lovisa: You suck and you are too cool.
by sdfads24 May 29, 2016
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