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In my personal definition a Lover Boy is a near perfect guy to find.

For example, a Lover Boy is a guy who cares so much about his so called lover. He’s a flirt and super loyal. Another example is that a Lover Boy is also most of the time super romantic and charaming. Those aspects are very hard to find now adays in young and sometimes older males.

Lover Boy also works as Lover Girl if they are a girl.
Female: Ugh he’s such a Lover Boy...

Female two: I know right! He’s so perfect and dreamy!
by FunnyMaeMae August 05, 2018
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1) a guy you are intimate with

2) a guy who you like

3) a guy that thinks you like him and stalks you all the time
1) Hey, Lover Boy! Come here and make love to me!

2) Girl: Is that your lover boy, Jane?
Jane: No, it isn't! *blushes*

3) Jack: Hey, Abby, is that your lover boy?
Abby: Hell no! He can only wish to get me
by Sara Searchefield March 28, 2008
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The name a girl calls a guy who loves her, which she knows but instead of acting on it she teases him and plays on and off games of relationship and friendship.
"Why does Sarah still call Dan loverboy?"
"She says she loves her loverboy in her own way."
by The One In The Shadows March 08, 2006
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A typically insulting or exasperated term used to describe a boy who is obsessed/in love with a girl, be it his girlfriend or a crush
Person 1: *sighs* She's so beautiful...
Person 2: Come on, Lover Boy, we've got homework. Snap out of it!
by Bella Fensque May 16, 2018
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Loverboy is the boy you are in love with and he is in love with you. He's a boy in love.

He'd do anything for his girl, she'd do the same for him.
*Michelles boyfried signs online*

Michelle- "Hey there loverboy :) "

Bf/loverboy- "Hello my beautiful lovergirl"
by love&passion. May 02, 2011
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Dutch slang for a type of pimp who seduces young, naïve and generally less intelligent girls through a variety of methods, with the intent to make them work in prostitution.
Girl don't accept presents from him, he's a loverboy, before you know it he'll have your ass behind a window.
by alexxander August 13, 2007
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80's band made famous for their hit single "Pig and Elephant DNA Just Won't Splice"
You can't splice pig and elephant DNA. Haven't you ever heard that song by "Loverboy"?
by Cbuc December 24, 2005
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