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It's when one person shows affection to the other, but in an excessive way.
Pimp and gang members often use "love bombing" to control their victims.
by kazuri February 24, 2018
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Behaviour by members of a religious cult towards potential recruits, whereby the members of the group are at first reluctant to bring up their dogmas or even their cult membership, but try to look sexy or warm-hearted or open-minded (favourite New Age buzzword). Once the new member is befriended, out come the wacky conspiracy theories, the cult line on sex and so on.
She was fifty if she was a day, busty and dressed in sensual scarlet, and asking me about my girlfriends. She was love bombing, of course. She finally got drunk and let slip she was a born-again Christian about two hours later.
by Fearman November 17, 2007
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