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When someone comes back all of a sudden to shower you with over the top displays of affection, flirtation, etc. They have been “hot and cold” with you over and over— in your life one minute and then ghosting you the next without warning.

This CAN BE a manipulative, narcissist tactic; used to see if they still have a “hold” on you. Makes you disposable to their discretion when they’re bored.
“Omg Charles just texted me again! It’s been two months! He’s asking me to go out to dinner with him and is being so cute, I’m so excited!”

“Girl, you know he’s just love bombing you. He ghosted you a hundred times and is talking to like three other women on Instagram. He’s just thirsty and wants benefits from you.”
by OverItB July 09, 2019
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Predatory tactic used seduce and ensnare an individual into a romantic relationship, a con or even a cult.

Often used by gold-diggers, narcissists, and Dependent types to lock down their prey.

Women who attempt to trap men with pregnancy and Desperate Single Moms can be particularly good at it. It is usually part of any daddy baiting campaign.

Con artists, pimps, pedophiles and cults also use this strategy on their victims.

It’s a campaign of fake love, affection, favors, flattery and usually lots of sex —designed to overwhelm the target and hide the love bomber’s true motives.

Love bombers also try to create a dependence by dangling the false promise of everything the target wants but lacks. It’s nearly impossible to detect or resist at the beginning, as it all feels too good to question, especially when a hot girl is the bomber. This kind of deception goes way beyond ass-kissing and is usually intended for long-term control of the target.

Victims of lovebombing often believe their wife (or husband etc) has “changed” when the lovebombing stops. They will often work harder to get back to the way things were. And the lovebomber can always dole out more when needed. Thus a cycle of abuse and control is established.
Example 1:

Michael Jackson: Hey little boy. Want a cookie? I have fresh baked cookies at my house. And chimpanzees. And we can play all the time and do whatever we want. Because you’re special.

Kid: Really?
Michael Jackson: Very
Kid’s mother: Get the fuck away from my kid. I see you lovebombing.

Example 2:

Kevin: I’m dating this girl who has a kid, but she’s sooooo good to me! She does my laundry, sucks my balls and tells me that I shouldn’t worry about losing the beergut. She Even says she doesn’t mind that I leave the seat up because that’s just what a man needs to do!

Todd: Are you using condoms with her?

Kevin: No! She went on the pill and lets me blow my load in her now! She says it’s a religious experience for her.

Todd: Are you really this clueless? She’s lovebombing you so you’ll take care of her ass and the kids.
by Big Dongky December 01, 2019
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It's when one person shows affection to the other, but in an excessive way.
Pimp and gang members often use "love bombing" to control their victims.
by kazuri February 23, 2018
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Behaviour by members of a religious cult towards potential recruits, whereby the members of the group are at first reluctant to bring up their dogmas or even their cult membership, but try to look sexy or warm-hearted or open-minded (favourite New Age buzzword). Once the new member is befriended, out come the wacky conspiracy theories, the cult line on sex and so on.
She was fifty if she was a day, busty and dressed in sensual scarlet, and asking me about my girlfriends. She was love bombing, of course. She finally got drunk and let slip she was a born-again Christian about two hours later.
by Fearman November 17, 2007
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