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A Lottie is very special. If you wver meet one then hold her very dear to you. She is either very tall or quite short. She has an amazing personality, and the most beautiful eyes. She can be very helpful when dealing with something at home, at school, or just in general. Sometimes she can act like a chav (in a good way), and other times she can be a very formal lady. You would never want to lose a Lottie, she is very important, and again, special. So many people envy a Lottie, she is smart, talented and sporty. She is a naturally pretty girl with beautiful green or blue eyes, blonde/brown hair (could be a dirty blonde shade), and smooth skin. She will hardly admit she is pretty, even though she is truly stunning in her core. She has the best personality, yet again, you would not want to lose her. Lotties can get very angry at times, and it’s very hard for them to hide that. Always try to stay on the good side of a Lottie. She will stick up for you if she is friends with you through anything. If you lie to a Lottie she will probably never forgive you. If you are fake to a Lottie she will probably never trust you again or ever. If you avoid the truth she will get very mad. She always has a best friend by her side. She likes to have ibfs but doesn’t usually request for them. You are very lucky to have a Lottie in your life.
guy 1: wow who was that you were talking to?
guy 2: that’s my girlfriend Lottie.
guy 1: i knew she was a Lottie, she is stunning!
guy 2: i know, but she doesn’t like to admit it.
girl 1: tell her that then! she doesn’t appreciate herself enough.
by name_here_ok November 04, 2018
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A Lottie is very hard to come across, she is probably the most beautiful girl you will ever meet, she Has the face of an angel and you will regret ever losing a Lottie. She is very very Musical and probably likes dramatics. Lotties tend to keep their friends close and are usually quite awkward. Boys will fall over looking at her and she will usually be oblivious. Lotties tend to be focused and they strive for success, when a Lottie has a goal she will do anything to achieve it. Don’t get in lotties way or she will get angry and she is not very good at hiding that. Lotties aren’t that honest and tend to lie. If you find the right Lottie she will love you forever and no matter what she will stick up for you.

Lottie is also used to refer to someone pretty/that you like.
That girl is such a Lottie
Oh wow!
She has to be a lottie
by Abbie635x January 09, 2018
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A female name, shortened from 'Charlotte'.
Also another name for a naturally pretty girl. A 'Lottie' will often have the face of an angel and be the girl of your dreams
Oh man, she's such a Lottie! I think I'm in love
by pardOno? November 28, 2011
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a girl who is naturally gorgeous and looks like an angel. a lottie will never believe that she is pretty, this is partly because a lotties friends are a bit jealous of her and dont like to admit she is stunning.
tom: yea shes gotta be a lottie, no doubt about it.
by kiki1101 January 11, 2011
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a really naturally effortlessly pretty girl. normally a lottie has beautiful blonde hair, long legs and a gorgeous smile.. a girl who is called lottie will be very kind and forgiving to others and is always ready to make new friends or to help others make more friends.
that girl is such a lottie.. look at her.. i mean how would any boy turn her down??

shes just.. perfect
by katie9090 January 11, 2011
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A girl who wants to flirt, but doesn't want to go out.
Dude, I shes hangs with me with me all the time, then she said she didn't want to out
by Compton May 11, 2005
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