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Pokemon #270, found in the Hoenn region. Lotad is a very small, cute pokemon whose call sounds somewhat like 'rawr'. The lilypad on top of the Lotad's back can be used to restore the Lotad's health during battle with it's ability: Water Dish. This lilypad also serves as a means for the Lotad to ferry other pokemon across stretches of water, however, it is often too heavy for the small creature and makes it difficult for the Lotad to travel between patches of water. Loatad are often seen stumbling through grass searching for a new stretch of water.
Lotad became Brock's first Hoenn pokemon in the anime, and eventually evolved into Lombre and then into Ludicolo.
'A wild Lotad appeared!'
'Wild Lotad restored health using Water Dish'
by Rawrawrawrlotad December 14, 2009
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