One who finds themselves only dating people who have issues that they feel like they could solve.

A person who is only attracted to people that have problems(drug addiction/abusive parents/ect.) and thinks they could protect and nurture them back to happiness.
Jenny has lost puppy syndrome, her last boyfriend was a recovering addict and now shes dating a guy that was raped by his own dad. She thinks she can change him, too bad the last one went back to drugs.
by thebirdandthebee April 8, 2011
When one who is in a relationship finds themselves constantly looking around for their significant other at seemingly random times in hopes the other will randomly appear.

Also used when texting, where there is a lull in the conversation and you finds yourself staring at your phone or checking it often to see if a new text has arrived that you somehow missed in the 3 seconds since you last checked.

Can be abbreviated LPS
Bob: What is Steve looking around for?
Charlie: He's hoping that Susan will show up any minute
Bob: Isn't she in Georgia?
Charlie: Yeah but he's got lost puppy syndrome... he can't help but looking around
by nandjare1 December 19, 2009