When a women cuts off a man's penis.
"Oh my god, she just pulled a Lorena Bobbit on me!"
by omfghi2u2 October 25, 2006
Hey Lorena it’s erik speaking have a great day ugh she is such a lorena mays
by Mermaid man87 October 12, 2017
An abused woman who finally snapped. She was verbally, emotionally, and physically abused by her psycho ex-Marine husband; one night after he raped her, she got a carving knife and cut off half of his penis. She was found not guilty due to insanity; her husband spent the rest of his worthless life working mediocre jobs including: wannabe porn star, limo driver, and tow truck operator...oh, yeah and beating his other girlfriends/fiancees.
1) Lorena Bobbitt brought the problem of marital rape to national attention.

2) If you guys abuse your girls, they may pull a Lorena Bobbitt on you.
by Bastard Deserved It December 14, 2010
The act of eating a pill of ecstasy out of a girls asshole or vagina
Last night me and a girl did a dirty lorena
by Bignicenonce May 1, 2020
1) the bitch who cut off John Bobbitt's dick.
2) to cut off someone's dick.
Lorena Bobbitt really pulled a Lorena Bobbitt on John Bobbitt.
by Nick D April 6, 2003
That crazy chick who cut off her husband's penis with a kitchen knife in the mid-90's.
It worked out for him in the end because he became a porn star for awhile after it was surgically repaired, and appearing in films such as {Frankenpenis}.
"I never trust a b****, I blame Lorena Bobbitt."

by Matt June 18, 2006
A group of tallented drummers that began playing in 5th grade that by far, the best drumline in Central Texas. Has been known for its random performances

Middle School-Is just places lower than the high school drumline.

High School-Is the BEST 3A drumline in Central Texas

Also includes a color guard that is awsome!

Lorena has the BEST drumline--ignorant Robinson Drumline person who STINKS!
by Lorena Drumline November 27, 2003