Latin/European. Lorena’s are usually very bubbly and energetic. Really artsy and creative and has a very unique taste in music. Can roast you till you’re a pile of burnt ashes on the floor. She is very loyal and always has your back. Super affectionate to those she loves. Lorena’s often have a very dirty humour and everything seems funny to her. Lorena’s also have some insecurities that she doesnt like to talk about. She can be very distant and depressed at times but tries to hide it from others so they don’t worry. Lorena’s usually have beautiful dark hair and even darker eyes. Lorena is very smart and can make any guy fall for her. Lorena’s are really good at keeping secrets and always know how to comfort her friends. She is super loving and very flirtatious with her loved one. Make sure to never let go of a Lorena because chances are you’ll regret it very much after.
Guy1: That girl is so cute!
Guy2: yeah, that’s lorena
A beautiful girl who is funny and caring. She is also very good at hugging. She has a lot of friends and they mean the world to her. She wants the best for everyone but she knows when to put herself first. She has eyes you can fall in love with and a smile that lights up the room.
Girl 1 "omg did you see Lorena"
Girl 2 "yeah she's so pretty and seems ready nice"
by Rawrx3nuzzles February 2, 2019
She is one of the most beautiful baby's, and when she grows up she is going to be one of the prettiest girls in her grade. She is loving and caring. If your her friend you are the luckiest person in your grade because she is very hard to become friends with. But, she is very very nice and caring. If she snaps on you she must be very mad. If she says something mean to you when she snaps she doesn't mean it at all.
Hey Lorena, you are very beautiful, caring, and loving.
by 10godlover01 April 22, 2020
She is a VeryVery intelligent person she is also the BEST person alive she Also has ALOT of MONEY and will do anything for you that u ask for
Watch out it the queen Bee!!!
Girl: Lorena can I ask you sum thing

Lorena : sure

Girl: are you still me best friend

Lorena : ofc ilysm
by REALdictonary November 27, 2018
That pretty Latin girl in school who dresses nice, makes good grades, always smiles, plays sports, is the sweetest, keeps everybody laughing, and has more guy friends than girls. She doesn't date much, but the guys that she does date better be grateful to have someone as beautiful as her.
A: I don't see why Lorena's single, I mean....she's perfect in every way there is..
B: The guy she marries better know how lucky he is
by Phillipppp! September 3, 2011
the best person there could be known to live.shes adorable SEXY and energetic. shes a funny lovin girl honest, loyall, and you can never forget her beautiful face
hey have you heard about the new girl in school her names lorena
shes sooo sexy adorable and energetic
i luv herrr
by alyza October 23, 2006
A girl far beyond the leagues of other girls. Known to be the epitome of perfection when it comes to knowledge, wisdom, humility, compassion, talent, beauty, and just about anything else good you can think of, the Lorena makes other girls wish they were her kind as well. The Lorena can be shy at first, but once she finds people she can trust, she opens herself up like a blossom. Experts highly suggest that only the most loving and sincere young gentlemen seek out a female lover with all the praiseworthy qualities of the Lorena.
Person A: I have the best girlfriend in the world!
Person B: What's her name?
Person A: Lorena.
Person B: You mean THE Lorena?!?!
Person A: Yup! ^_^
Person B: Well then you must be the greatest guy in the world!
by ICanSolo810 July 16, 2011