a mix between leet and woot made by me in spanish class. Mostly used alone or when you steal something in MORROWIND.
(after stealing phat stuph) LOOT!
by Vinnie Hohmann September 7, 2003
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when someone is talking about someone else with a lot of cash
chris- Dat Guy Looks Poor
Nicholas-Nah Fam Hes Looted
by DonYaz October 19, 2009
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That one person that steals all the loot leaving behind a wasteland of nothingness for everyone else, to the dismay and almost always negatively influencing his party through either leaving them with their financials ruined or with no gear, though most of the time a combination of the two.
Vognir: *silence*
MLG: *where's vognir?*
Confiq: *He's pushing, so either we all int and push or we don't get loot*
MLG: *lmao goddamn loot goblin*
by 3601337noscop3s March 31, 2020
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The heinous act of looting food and meticulously placing it in a hole within a home, a store, a library, a school. You can rot anything anytime and anywhere. The most effective type of rot is without a doubt anything that smells once left rotting and leaves damages. The ideal rot is within a deep dark place in an enemy's home, somewhere invisible to the naked eye, but the smell can travel everywhere. Rot loot is making a mess whenever you can, for example you can spil some chips on the floor and scream rot loot.
rot goon1: yo crodie lets go rot loot evans base
rot goon2: sayless.
both in unison: ROt loot say loot
by Rot loot God April 11, 2019
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When something is obtained by someone without that person paying for it or expecting it to happen. It could be a materialistic item or an experience. The phrase originated form rapper Jorlov who started using it on IG live when an artist would drop a new song or he found weed in his grinder.
"bro Becky left her puff bar at the house, free loot!"
by Lil butt plugggg May 27, 2021
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When a player is so bad at a video game, they are easy loot and kills to other players in the game.
Dude, this guy is so bad he is literally Walking Loot
by minemandemon November 15, 2018
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When you successfully kill or eliminate an opposing player in a survival game, the deceased player drops their inventory and becomes a loot pile.
I am currently in this guys loot pile
by minemandemon November 15, 2018
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