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A woman with a jiggly booty;meaning it whobble when she walk.
That lady can't have on no panties unless she just got a loose booty.Whobblety whobblety drop drop it like its hot.
by checkahoetexas August 26, 2007
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1 your ass is loose
2 a person who was fucked so hard in the ass that when they shit it just comes out with no control
1 fuck my ass hurts from buttsex
2 dave is a loosebooty bastard
by mrstiffy February 21, 2004
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1. A term in reference to one who is 'loose'; a whore, slut, harlot, prostitute, etc.

2. Having a large ass, so much so that it hangs off the side of a chair or bench.
1. Man, Gina sure has a loose booty; she slept with that guy after only knowing him 5 minutes!

2. Man, see that chick's loose booty? It's hanging, like, 3 inches over that chair!
by peanut159 October 16, 2009
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A rectum that has just been involved
in a penitration
I met a girl on Craigs List.
We sat on the floor. She didint want to smoke no more.
Blamm, juss lak dat.
by Nemistar May 20, 2009
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a girl who sleeps with a lot of men and their vagina is loose and dry, mainly puerto rican females.
Javon said "Maria has a loose booty."
I responded "Most likely, she's a puerto rican; too many dicks up in that pussy, nobody else will be able to fit"
by blck_barbie April 26, 2008
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