That sausage looks funny, rather brown, sticky and stinky! I wonder what that weird guy did with it?
Geezzz, that sausage looks funny, l wonder why it was near the toilet?
by I, Wreckerrr December 2, 2020
In America, when you want to tell a friend that someone looks cute without naming the person specifically.
"Oh wow, don't his eyebrows look funny?!"
by msenthusiasm May 19, 2009
A term used to describe a person or animal that is strange or bizarre in appearance.
Aye bru did you see that funny-looking ass dude tryna get down on the cute ass substitute teacher; knowing damn well she was gone curve his ass.
by Always Discreet March 11, 2016
Falaron: "Hopefully I can get the mug overfilled by voting yes on the definition of 'Help me severely overdo the text box for the mug ad below this definition so it looks funny' and then buy it."
Exalothorn: "I doubt it, but hey, it's worth a shot!"
A phrase used when you're sexually aroused by someone.
"Daaaamn, that girl over there is fine! She's looking funny as hell!"
by A Little Puerto Rican Boy January 24, 2020
A person who tries to be/act/look funny in internet are 99% of the time people who use a word or emoji/smiley face in funny youtube videos or in other things.

This is a bit hard to explain but if you could read my mind you would understand what i want to say.
Example:a dude creates a video with the goal of look like a complete troll who draws badly drawn things purposely,in the comment section of the said video a dude says "this...this is art"
Example 2:A try not to laugh challenge or a suposely funny video.a dude in the comment section puts the time set on a part of the video he finds "funny" then he puts a smiley face in order to look "funny",like: 05:20 "Yeey" :D. "oh look im trying to look funny in internet"
by MWAsura August 17, 2017