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(noun) A person who, when typing online, uses full-length words and sentences as opposed to the abbreviations and acronyms common to online speech.
A World of Warcraft chat between a 1337speak user and a longhander:
Xxleggolaszxx: hai d00d sup
Trollski: Not much, really. Questing here and there. Yourself?
Xxleggolaszxx: lmao u said urself roflmao
Trollski: I use proper English. Hilarious.
Xxlegolaszxx: ur such a n00b u want some hawt pr0nz0rz?
Trollski: No, I don't want any frickin' prawns. I don't eat shellfish. Leave me alone.
*long pause*
Xxlegolaszxx: stfu n00b horde sux azz lolz0rz
Trollski: You doofus.
by Girouette December 16, 2008
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