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The act of stretching out ones testicles, usually with weights or elastic, to the point of hypersensitivity whereby climax can be reached purely by manipulation of the scrotum. Long balling can also occur in couples or groups. In a couple once sufficient long balling has been achieved the elongated testicles can be placed into the partners anus, true long balling is achieved when both partners place their testicles in one another's anus' simultaneously. In groups long balling is usually used as a form of friendly competition, where each parties stretched scrotum is measured to the group in order to determine who is the better long baller.
Tony: you know anyone else that would be up for a long balling circle?
Ash: I here Bob's a pretty solid long baller. He won last weeks circle out Frankston way.
by TwistNdip June 09, 2013
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