Awesome Track Event where athletes run down a strip of track and jump and kick in the air making it look like they're sky walking
-Loook at that dude Long jump!
-Wait isn't that against Newtons laws of motion?
by Mrkewl November 10, 2007
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The sexual act of performing an aimed long jump onto your partner and simultaneously inserting your dick in as the jump lands. Events include the oral Mexican long jump, back door long jump, and classic Mexican long jump.
Dude 1:"Whoa, did you see johnny miss that Mexican long jump?"
Dude 2:"Yeah man, some pretty painful shit, he got his dick cramped into the ground..."
by Ferret Waffle May 19, 2011
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When a women gets a running start from the kitchen, down the hallway to a designated white line at the threshold of the bedroom. At that point the lady long jumps towards the bed to a waiting, unprotected, fully erect penis. 3-27 seconds later.....
My girlfriend could win the gold in a creampie long jump.
by AlvardolovesHanrahan October 3, 2017
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A sexual act in which a man lies prostrate on the ground, and the receiver jumps off a bed or similarly high platform and attempts to land upon the man's penis.
My girlfriend is a total freak! She asked me if I wanted to try a Long Island Long Jump with her!
by JaquesLeCoques September 15, 2010
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A phrase used to bring attention to a woman's derriere without her knowing. This was made popular in 2020 by the YouTube Algorithm (Videos in a user's Recommended) and "Men of Culture." The "Men of Culture" phrase was frequently used by those brought together to view Women's Indoor Long Jump, by the YouTube Algorithm.

The most popular video recommended by YouTube to "Men of Culture" at the time was, "Ivana Španović - Long Jump - European Indoor Championships - 03/03/2019"
Ex. 1: Yo. You seen shorty with the Long Jump?
Ex. 2: I say, chaps. That woman has a spectacular Long Jump!
Ex 3: Damn... Look at that Long Jump.
by LongJumpFan September 20, 2020
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