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1) Used to describe Uncontrollable laughter

2) A phrase used in a middle of an interaction or conversation, reminding the people your interacting with that you're being friendly towards them and absolutely hating them at the same time.
1) This is so funny Lol XD!

2) "Yeah, so the plans are set?"
"I guess, seems right Lol XD."
"Alright, coolio Lol XD!"
by Oisz September 13, 2017
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LOLXD signifies loud laugh, emotional outburst, reaction on something extremely funny.
LOLXD supposedly consists of two parts:

1. LOL - abbreviated Laughing Out Loud
2. XD - emoticon, X - closed eyes, D - mouth.
"Did you see this Rasputin vs Stalin epic Rap Battle? It's LOLXD"
by akhikhl September 19, 2013
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The expression used when either being a troll or ironically for use in a conversation when someone says something stupid.
Youtuber: ur mom gae
Subscriber: A-ha lol xd
by DHBoi June 11, 2018
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